Board Members

The Salinas PAL Board of Directors is a group of elected individuals tasked with governing the organization and maintaining the integrity of the programs. Together with the Executive Director, the Board helps to develop and execute the programs and activities of the organization while making sure the mission is at the forefront of all decision-making.

Board of Directors

Steve Furtado
Officer Daniel Garcia  
Michele O’Brien
Nichole Lamb                         
Sergeant Jim Arensdorf        
Jeff Lamb                  

Board Appointees

Scott Davis                                           Salinas City Council

Gloria De La Rosa
Salinas City Council

Salinas Police Officers Association

Salinas Police Management Association

Executive Director


Adele Fresé
Chief of Police

Community Services

Maintaining the integrity and longevity of the Salinas Police Activities League requires the service and dedication of a diverse group of individuals. Together we strive to provide the youth of Salinas with unique and interesting alternatives to a life of gang activity and violence.

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